How I Used Team Building Activities to Achieve My Goals

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Team building top tricks

Team building has become a hype word. Many people don’t even realize what the real purpose of it is.

Here is a good article writte by Forbes and you will understand that team building is a little more then just some group exercises.

Little in a large organization is accomplished without many hands touching it.  For an executive, few skills are more valuable than being able to put together, and successfully direct, large teams for important projects.  Accordingly, following are some simple steps for strong team TISI +0.07% building.  Keep in mind that in this post I’m specifically discussing team building as it relates to projects, rather than, say, building a strong staff or management team.

Credits: Simple Steps For Strong Team Building – Forbes

What you need:

1. Your project goals must be crystal clear

If you don’t do have this, you will loose lots of time, money and it will most certainly drain the morale. Your staff has to know what they are working on and especially WHY!.

2. Make sure you have a strong project manager on board

This person is going to be the center point of the whole ‘exercise’. If this person doesn’t absorb what really is happening within a group, the project is bound to fail.

3. You are allowed to expect the best 

Tell them what you expect; what kind of results you want, the level of quality of work you want and what your organization needs.

4. Be prepared to discover new talents 
In many cases within teams new qualities of people come to the surface. Be prepared to discover them and do something with it.

5. Give them helicopterview strategic guidance 

If you start digging in the micro matters, the overall goals will not be achieved.

Stop! This team building activities Information could change your business style

Some companies use really strange tactics in order to build a team. Here is a very good example of this:

When team members have understood and accepted the power of disclosure I do a number of team building activities to help them get to know one another. After all, without understanding the inner functionings of individuals it’s pretty impossible to put together a High Performing Team.

Credits: Speed Dating + 5 Other Innovative Team Building Activities – Business 2 Community

1. Speed dating

The members are required to ask each other questions like; “What do I need to do to really make you mad?”, or “How do you become sad?”. Basically the type of questions you want to ask while being on a speed dating meeting, but now with your collegues.

2. Hard talk

The team leader is getting really hard hitting questions. It is vital with this ‘game’ that the toughest question has to be asked first. This is basically the question everybody wants to know. It is the question where the team members gossip with each other about. This is a way to really get the why’s for specific projects. You will find out the truth.

3. Personality tests

Find out what kind of personality you are and what kind of styles you prefer when working with your collegues.

4. Mask Exercise

We all wear masks when being social active. You are supposed to draw the mask you wear. When done, you’re asked to share your masks with the others.

5. Life line

What has shaped you in the past and made you become the person you are today.

6. Hot seat

You need to trust each other before you can do this exercise. You sit in the ‘hot seat’ and the members/collegues are going to ask you two things:

1. I would like to thank you for…., and

2. If you …….your results will improve dramatically.

Team building activities for adults secrets you wish you knew one year ago

Team building doesn’t need to be a serious matter all the times. Sometimes it is just a good idea to go outside with your team and do something that you normally never would do with your collegues. The results can be amazing.



Team productivity often relies on two things, team cohesiveness and employee happiness. And as a manager, you have no choice but to make these a priority. It’s easy to get lost in all the work of reaching deadlines, acquiring new customers, or keeping clients happy while forgetting about the important part of the business, your employees. Your employees are doing a great job, working longer hours, covering multiple areas, and are spread a bit thin. But factors like these can lead to dissatisfaction and interpersonal issues, if you are not intentional about encouraging strong team dynamics.

Simply dedicating time with employees outside of the business environment will yield a more positive group dynamic.

Credits: 4 Simple Team Building Ideas for Small Business – – Speek

Top team building icebreakers

There are many team building icebreaker exercises availble on the market. Here is a good page about this.

As the name implies, you can “break the ice” in practical ways that help employees relax and become more receptive to making meaningful contributions. Generally, icebreakers for team meetings are effective motivators for creating a team atmosphere.

Credits: Jumpstart Your Meeting with These Icebreakers – Speek


  • Birthday Exercise: line up according to your birthday dates.
  • Tell the truth: Guess about an unknown fact about a member.
  • Five things in common: Find what you have in common with the other.
  • Intro/Three Facts: Come up with 3 interesting facts about yourself. But 2 are a lie. The others determine which one is the truth.
  • Life highlights: Share your highlights in your life in 30 seconds.
  • One question: What would you do in a position in which you are responsible. Weird questions require analytic answers.

What is the team building definition?

So what is team building really. Here is a good definition of what it is:

Corporate team building is the process of enabling a corporate team to achieve specific goals. Team building rarely occurs by itself. Team building requires bringing together dissimilar personalities and working in harmony as a team. Credits: Definition: Corporate Team Building –

For more information about teambuilding, click the link.

teambuilding Workshop Bouw een reuzenvlieger