If you’re looking for a huge and powerful manlifter, which was built by one of the best kitebuilders of the Netherlands, then here’s your chance.

Although I want to sell this kite, this is not a kite for rookies!. This kite really is dangerous for people who don’t know how to handle them. The power of this kite is immense!. It is capable of pulling 1500 kg. So, be very careful with this kite.

So that is my disclaimer right here.

But the moment you know how to handle this kite, you have hit gold.

3 meters (9ft 10) height, 7 meters (22ft 11) wide

This beautiful manlifter is handmade by one of Netherlands best kitebuilders. It is rocksolid and beautifully designed. The kite is based on the ‘Coneyne’ model. Once this model was used in order to rescue people from sinking ships. With this model it was very easy to securely lift people from a sinking ship in the middle of the ocean. The kite was very reliable and especially steady. And because of its immense pulling power, it meant that many people were rescued.

Like I said before, this kite is capable of pulling around 1500 kg (diagnolly), which means that this kite is very easily of lifting people of the ground (I say it once more, but it is risky). This kite can be used for many different circumstanses.

It looks beautiful in the sky by itself. But you can also lift objects of the ground so that it appears that these objects are floating in the air.

This kite is build with the highest quality of fabrics. A very special kind of Ripstop nylon. It is stronger than the usual kinds of nylon available on the market. All seems are double stitched for lasting power and quality purposes. The frame is made out of strong wooden poles. The bridle is made from very strong nylon cords. You are capable of adjusting the angle of the kite in the air. This means you can vary the pulling power. The kite is delivered with a climbing cord, capable of withstanding a pulling power of 1800 kg. All materials are made from the highest quality standards available on the market.

This kite is available for €1500 excl. shipping costs and VAT.

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