Teambuilding activiteiten Amsterdam: Kolder Tour

teambuilding amsterdam Workshop Bouw een reuzenvliegerWhen I type “teambuilding activiteiten Amsterdam” I get many results.

I decided to put all the so-called teambuilding activities to the test.

According to wikipedia, these are the “laws” in relation to teambuilding:

teambuilding activiteiten amsterdam





One of the possible teambuilding activiteiten amsterdam workshops on offer is:

Kolder Tour ® Teambuilding with humor!

A team-building outing with nice big can be used and each other! Laughed
An actor takes you and your team on a hilarious journey through the inner city. In addition to the much needed but really interesting (and historical) information, you also get themselves into action in various playful (game) situations. After a half hour you’re friends for life with this lovely “city guide”. And the thing is, now plays the actor / actress a role or not?


Why I think this is an away day workshop and not a teambuilding workshop.

ad.1: How is the team challenged as a whole?

ad. 3: What is the overall goal of this workshop? To have fun, but is that a realistic goal in order to become more effective as a team?

ad. 4: What do you need to do in order to achieve what goal; to have fun with each other?


I am not saying this is a bad workshop. Not at all; I think the idea is great as an away day. But this workshop has nothing to do with the true essence of teambuilding.

Please allow me to promote our teambuilding activiteiten workshop as well. In essence, this is what we can give your team:

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teambuilding amsterdam Workshop Bouw een reuzenvlieger

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