Teambuilding Activiteiten Amsterdam: MovieEvent workshop

teambuilding amsterdam Workshop Bouw een reuzenvliegerI did another search on google: “teambuilding activiteiten Amsterdam“. Loads of teambuilding activities show up, so I took a closer look at another workshop on offer. First, the way I look at each teambuilding amsterdam workshop is through the ‘eyes’ of what teambuilding really is according to Wikipedia: teambuilding activiteiten amsterdam           MovieEvent teambuilding activiteiten amsterdam workshopSo I took a closer look at this particular workshop:

Together with your team to make movies 
a soap, a detective, a thriller, a horror film, a romantic film or a quick video clip, on topics that are current within the company or organization. A Movie Event is a fantastic way of teambuilding. In addition to a memorable day, a Movie Event delivers memorable material: all participants have the movies on DVD to take home. fill for more information or a free quote request form below!  source:

I personally would love to do this workshop as I think it will be fun to do and at the same time the end result can be amazing and it will have a very long effect on the team. But that is my personal vision. Is this workshop really a teambuilding workshop? Ad. 1: Yes, I think this is the whole issue with this workshop. Ad. 2: That depends upon the supervision of the workshop being offered. I think you need a good trainer/coach in order to supply this service; it has to be done correctly. But I trust these guys have a good solutions for this. Ad. 3: There is a very clear focus; the end goal is the movie!. Ad. 4: You need to plan this from the start to finish. Excellent. Ad. 5: No, there is no competition with eachother within subgroups. I think this workshop on offer is a very good alternative to our teambuilding activiteiten workshop. teambuilding amsterdam Workshop Bouw een reuzenvlieger

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