Teambuilding Activiteiten Amsterdam: Sand Sculptures

teambuilding amsterdam Workshop Bouw een reuzenvliegerToday, I did another search for “teambuilding activiteiten Amsterdam” in order to find another good alternative for teambuilding events other than ours.

I found the workshop: Sand Sculpting

teambuilding activiteiten amsterdam zandskulpturenSand sculpture building
who dares to make during your company? stunning sand sculpture team
Building professional sand sculpture picture with special sand is not comparable to an ordinary building sand castle as you used to do on the beach. For the sand sculptures we use special young river sand which you can make. Most beautiful creations

After coming up with the design, each team gets a buck, especially sand and some professional image tools to “carve”. Importantly, there is a good firm foundation before we make the details. Who makes the best sand sculpture through collaboration and creativity?Sandsculptures is ideal for corporate events, team building and creative alternation between meetings.  fill for more information or a free quote request form below! 


Have you ever seen these sculptures?. They can really look amazing!.

But besides the fact that they end result can be spectacular, I wonder whether or not this is a real teambuilding activity according to wikipedia. Here are the ‘rules’ for a real teambuilding workshop:

teambuilding activiteiten amsterdam






Ok, let’s look at these ‘rules’ one-by-one:

ad. 1. Well, the group will be offered the challenge: Make something beautiful with this sand (I know, I say it a little too simplified, but you know what I mean). So, this rule is 100% covered.

ad. 2. I presume they all will have their saying about what can be improved and what not. I think there is a need to give the group some guidance in order to optimize effective communication. I guess these guys will have covered this in detail.

ad. 3. Well, the focus is 100% clear; make the sculpture.

ad. 4. In order to to achieve the goal of 4. you really need to plan ahead and you need to sort out who is going to do what. So yes, this one is covered for 100% as well.

ad. 5.  As long as the group is not divided into sub-groups, this workshop is a workshop where they don’t compete with eachother. And at the same time, as long as they produce one big sculpture, there is one goal. The moment they divide themselves into subgroups, you have a problem in relation of the meaning of ‘teambuilding workshop’.

So I guess, this workshop passes as a good alternative for ‘teambuilding activiteiten amsterdam workshop. Pfff, I don’t think I do have the patience to do this kind of workshop as I am a little to busy. But I suppose that the moment I am working with a firm which is choosing for this kind of workshop, I will not feel it as being punished when they want me to participate. I love the kind of creativity which you need in this workshop.

Oh, I have to inform you about our service as well:

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