Teambuilding Activiteiten Amsterdam: TeamUP Down Under

teambuilding amsterdam Workshop Bouw een reuzenvliegerToday I searched for another original ‘teambuilding activiteiten amsterdam” workshop on Google. And I found another workshop which really has a strong appeal on me.

teambuilding activiteiten amsterdam: TeamUP Down UnderTeamUP Down Under

Accept the challenge in the Outback Challenge. Play the musical language of the didgeridoo. Write a story artfully with the symbolic script of the Aborigines. Throw and catch the boomerang. Cook a wilderness meal crackling or pioneer times in tough black pots. Perhaps it is one of the animals that today you have ‘shot’ it on the menu … in the woods Watch out for snakes and intrusive kangaroos at the bustling Party Down Under.All parts of the program are focused on team building and collaboration, and an original mood maker for mixed groups . Because the programs contain many elements they are fascinating for all types of people. That way everyone will have a great time Down Under, no worries. Get the Aussie fever! 


When I was a lot younger I have been backpacking in Australia and eversince I have a weak heart for everything related to Australia. I just loved it over there. But that is not a good basis in order to judge whether or not this is a good teambuilding workshop in Amsterdam. Therefore I looked at wikipedia in order to see what is needed for good teambuilding tours.

teambuilding activiteiten amsterdam






Ad. 1: I think the group is challenged continiously with this workshop. 100% score on this teambuilding fascet.

Ad. 2: At least there is a lot of opportunity to do this. So, 100% score.

Ad. 3: Ahhh, this is where this workshop is lacking, if you ask me. Many different challenges, but what is the overall goal for the team? I don’t see it. 20% score.

Ad. 4: I don’t think they need to plan in order to achieve the sub-goals. They just get a challenge and have to fix it with their creativity and team spirit. But do they really need to plan? No… Sorry, no score.

Ad. 5: I cannot really judge about this with a helicopter view in mind. Due to my lacking of knowledge I give it a 100% score.

My conclusion: Well, if you ask me, this is a wonderful away day, but not a teambuilding day in Amsterdam. There is not a real and overall goal for this workshop. It is divided into sub-parts that only have an overall theme: Aboriginals. And I think it is only done on their location and not in the city of Amsterdam. You need to check this out, the moment you want to book this event.

Please do not misunderstand me; I think it is a terrific workshop, but more as an away day (in dutch, bedrijfsuitje or personeelsuitje).

Please allow me to show what we are best at: Building giant kites and this is the feeling we can give your team with ‘teambuilding activiteiten amsterdam

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teambuilding amsterdam Workshop Bouw een reuzenvlieger

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