Teambuilding Activities: What Is Your ROI?

Teambuilding activities will improve results

teambuilding activiteiten Workshop Bouw een reuzenvlieger

teambuilding activiteiten: the benefitsWhen done correctly, teambuilding activities will give your team the opportunity to have a high-impact learning opportunity. At the same time your team will have the chance to increase their team skills, as well as the way they communicate with each other. This will eventually result in a higher morale. And this will lead to a much higher productivity. Every participant will have a chance to have a success experience with the team while they realize a task that has challenged the group. While doing this, they will have experienced that the only way to achieve this is through a better communication pattern with each other.

When all goes well, the team members will come back to the office with a new sense of pro-activity with each other. At the same time they will feel that the only way to accomplish a next rush (victory experience) they will have to obtain a very pro-active work attitude.

But before I go deeper into the advantages of teambuilding activities, I want you to see this inspirational speech of Al Pacino. Listen to his words and what happens with the team:

The team building advantages summarized:

Better way of communication

team building activiteiten will lead to better communication among membersWhen team building usually the barriers between team members will be lowered as they have to participate in group activities that can only function when these ‘walls’ between participants are lowered to the max. Each skill of individual members will be put in the spot light and looked upon as an asset that can be used in order to achieve the group goal. In order to achieve the maximum result, they will find out that the only way to do it right is to start acting as a group/team. There are specific team building activities that are designed in order to highlight the importance of proper communication. Within these activities the members will experience themselves what good communication will do for themselves as well as for the group. They will find new ways of communication in order to accomplish the tasks that these activities give them as the challenge.

Team Roles defined

teambuilding workshops let you define your new rolesCompetences are necessary for a good team. But we are dealing with the soft skills of participants. Call them talents if you want. Some people are born leaders and don’t need to twist arms in order to focus solely on the team’s objectives and they don’t have hard feelings in order to be able to delegate. And some others love to fix the details and want to check everything they have produced for errors. While teambuilding the members will be able to discover what skills are most valuable for each member. They are sort of capable of finding their talent or niche within the team. The team efforts only get the best of everybody. And this will result in a better performing team.

Discovery of new skills

Teambuilding workshops let you discover new skillsIn our daily life’s we are too busy with our business life. This leads to a situation in which we don’t have any time left in order to discover or develop new skills. The same applies to the leading manager. He/she doesn’t have the time in order to discover new skills within his team of employee’s. That is something you can change for the better the moment you choose for teambuilding activities or team building programs. In these activities you will get the chance to develop and discover new leadership qualities within yourself and others. All of these skills could benefit your team and it’s ultimate goal.

Advantages for the long-term

long term teambuilding resultsIt is common knowledge that a good functioning team can benefit tremendously, especially small business teams. The moment they have the chance to adjust and combine their skills they have the chance to maximize their profitability. They achieve way more this way. Cross functional challenges are becoming the standard and they will be able to deal more easily with a more flexible attitude. And the increased involvement of every individual will give them a greater sense of belonging…to the group and its goal. This will lead to an empowering culture that will eventually also lead to a more mission focused group of members. The members will take up more and more responsibility which will lead to less need of being directed. This will save the company loads of time and therefore money.

Team bonding

teambuilding will result into team spirit and team bondingThe moment a team is formed it is also the basis for equality. This situation requires from the participants to be pro-active, which will lead to the creation of team process skills which will lead to the successful completion of the challenge ahead of the team. In order to achieve this, the members have to collaborate with each other. They will start to form a team in close proximity in which they work together. You can only achieve this if you start to build upon the relations with each other.
Well, this is my summary of the Return On Investment you can make with teambuilding activiteiten/activities. I guess you really need to dig a little deeper into this matter as the results can really be astonishing.
I hope you enjoyed this article of mine.
teambuilding activiteiten Workshop Bouw een reuzenvlieger

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