Teambuilding Activiteiten Rotterdam: Ranking The Stars Workshop

teambuilding rotterdam Workshop Bouw een reuzenvliegerIn order to find some interesting teambuilding Rotterdam workshops, I typed “teambuilding activiteiten Rotterdam” into Google. After some searching I found one workshop that seems to be interesting.

It is called “Ranking the Starts”.

Here is what they say about it.

Ranking the Stars Battle Lunchspel

Ranking the Battle Lunchspel

Do you know the “Ranking the Stars” program?Famous Dutch people ask each other their deepest secrets and smallest idiosyncrasies. That might be fun to know Dutch, but much more fun it is, of course, with the people of your own (working) environment. But where and when do you really know anything about your colleagues? Right … the delicious three course lunch with a glass of milk and orange juice.

This must be an hilarious workshop. You get to know all kinds of details about your collegues, you might ask yourself about whether or not this is going to be good or not to know about.

But I am wondering whether or not this program is good enough to call itself a ‘teambuilding” program.

So let’s head over to wikipedia and check what they believe is teambuilding. Here is my summary:

teambuilding activiteiten rotterdam eisen






Ad. 1: Well, I wonder wether or not the team is being challenged to come up with a solution. It is all about gossiping and I don’t really call that a good solution as it is basically all about avoiding bigger problems. So, for me, this workshop is not scoring any points in this area.

Ad. 2: Well, they are going go give feedback, but whether this can be used as ‘feed-forward’ feedback I doubt. Again, no score here.

Ad. 3: Well, there is a clear focus; to get to know all the little details that maybe better not to have heard at all. But is it a team goal to get to know all these little details about each other? No!. No points again.

Ad. 4: No planning is needed; maybe a tactic in order to find out more about the others, but again, this is not essential for the team.

Ad. 5: Well, it is not about competing at all. But I don’t believe that there will be a trusty zone with each other. Some people will stand in the spotlights, while others will be trying to hide. There is not a chance that everybody will feel safe or being trusted. No score again.

My conclusion: I really believe that this workshops is an out-of-the-box experience. It think lots of laughs will be taking place. But this has nothing to do with teambuilding. I think this is a terrific workshop for away days, but not voor team building.

teambuilding rotterdam Workshop Bouw een reuzenvlieger

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