Teambuilding Amsterdam: Any suggestions?

teambuilding amsterdam Workshop Bouw een reuzenvliegerDue to my profession I have to look around on the internet.

While I think (of course) that I have the best teambuilding activiteiten workshop of Amsterdam (take a look at the video below),

I am also convinced that there are other teambuilding workshops out there in Amsterdam, that need to be mentioned as they are great as well.

windobjectsI found a workshop that I really like: Making windobjects.

Working together pays off

Because the workshop wind objects contains several unpredictable elements, one is forced to work together. And you will see that making a wind object then goes many times faster. Also, anyone can make his or her bit. For example, the sound in the making of the compounds, while the other is easily predict how the object can catch wind. Obviously you during the workshop assisted by experienced instructors.


In this workshop you get all kinds of materials, like plactic tubes, nylon and all kinds of rope and lots more. It is all passed over to you so that you are capable of producing a wind object. It doesn’t matter what it looks like, as long as the object is capable of catching the wind.

I simply love this idea. I don’t know whether this is really that good in terms of ‘teambuilding’, but the general idea is one that really triggers the creativity of all participants.

I hope you like this idea.

teambuilding amsterdam Workshop Bouw een reuzenvlieger

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