Top Recommendations For Teambuilding Amsterdam

“Teambuilding Amsterdam”: What are my top recommendations for you?

teambuilding activiteiten

For “Team Building Amsterdam” I would recommend the following activities:

First of all I need to mention that we think that team building activities are not only in place in order to give the communication among team members a boost. Having wonderful memories will create a more lasting effect and therefore you have a better chance of integrating the soul of team building within your company.

With this perspective in mind I came up with these recommendations:

teambuilding amsterdam "lawn games"#1 recommendation: Lawn Games:

During a Lawn Games event, teams of 10 players are presented with up to 10 “challenge stations.” Each station offers a different sporty, physical challenge. Teams compete head-to-head over the course of one to two hours. Think ‘Field Day’ with a creative twist. They build towers out of spaghetti, rocket yoga balls high into the air, and play a host of more well-known classic lawn games. Credits: Lawn Games

We have seen this organisation in action within Amsterdam and the groups attending were appearantly loving the workshop. We saw a lot of happy faces and people having lots of fun about their own ‘stupid’ behavior and that of the others. But they were not laughing AT each other, but WITH each other. A small but vital difference. I am sure you will have a lasting memory with this workshop.

teambuilding amsterdam: Zombie preparedness# 2 recommendation: Zombie Disaster Preparedness Training

Zombie – Up the ante and triple the fun with our zombie-themed disaster preparedness offering. Players work to solve missions, build preparedness skills and flex their creative muscles, all while being chased by zombies. You read that right.Credits: Zombie disaster preparedness training

Why we love this so much? Well, whenever people are ‘forced’ to get out of their comfortzone, amazing things happen. In many occassions they are hilarious, but at the same time one can learn so much from them. Well, one thing is for sure, this is the case with this workshop. You will have to prepare yourself for something where nobody has experience with. But you know it is coming!. What do you think will happen with cooperation and communication?. Well, you guessed it: Lots of it!.

teambuilding amsterdam dragon boat racing# 3 recommendation:Dragon Boat Racing Workshop

Dragon boat racing is an excellent fun team-building activity and can easily be incorporated into a company weekend away in many European cities throughout the year.Credits: Dragon Boat Racing

I accidently found this one. It is very popular in England. It really is a good way to form a team, otherwise you cannot win!. That’s also the reason why it isn’t a real team building workshop as one should not compete within a team. So the solution would be to prepare as a team for a competition against other unrelated teams!. I think you will have a hell of a ride and a wonderful feeling once you win.

What if we search for “Bedrijfsuitje teambuilding Amsterdam“?

The one that really caught my eyes was this one:

# 1 recommendation: Social Chaos

In this workshop the participants are really forced to start to work together. Choas is created and they have to find out what caused the chaos. Together with professional actors they are feeded with video’s and small meetings. Teams will have to work together with Social Media, Ipads, Augmented Reality, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Google Earth, Linkedin and Youtube. But many more items are needed in order to solve this challenge. source: Social Chaos

Team building Amsterdam Firefighter day# 2 recommendation: Fireman survival

Lekker in de buitenlucht, samen actief en sportief bezig zijn, maak er een feestje van. Voer als één team diverse teambuilding en survival opdrachten uit. Zo leer je je collega’s kennen met hun sterke en minder sterke punten. Beleef een bijzonder bedrijfsuitje. Wees voor 1 dag brandweerman.Credits: Brandweer survival

Who doesn’t want to be a hero?. We all once fantasized about being a firefighter when we were young. So why don’t you become one for a day? The team will be assigned challenges they have to conquer and solve. It is a good way to get to know each other. And at the same time you will learn some things about fighting fire.

What about “Kookworkshop teambuilding Amsterdam”?

teambuilding amsterdam; kookworkshop

Hét ultieme instrument om creativiteit te meten. Bij binnenkomst staan er alleen dagverse ingrediënten klaar. Men moet zelf bedenken wat er gemaakt gaat worden en hoe dit 4-gangen menu mooi op tafel gepresenteerd kan worden. Natuurlijk staan onze culi-coaches paraat met tips en adviezen. Een intensieve maar vooral gezellige en inspirerende workshop waarbij de deelnemers veel van elkaar leren. Credits: De kookfabriek; teambuilding

What is so special about this one?. Well, I love to cook. And when looking at the pictures of this kitchen I already start to get hungry. Besides the fact that they work together with the best Dutch cooks on the market, they also have designed a special workshop which is developed in order to increase the quality of communication amongst the participants. And the side effect is that after the workshop you will have the best meals in the world. How about this success experience. I would vote for this treat immediately.

My recommendation for “Indoor teambuilding Amsterdam”

indoor teambuilding amsterdam

When I saw this one, I immediately fell in love with it.

A team building event like no other, the Enigma challenge is non-stop action from the start! Teams will be instantly absorbed in this battle against the clock, racing to complete as many of the 101 challenges as possible before time runs out!

Will your team dive into the Creative Challenges, or try their hand at the Brain Teasers? Can they show how they work together on the Teamwork tasks or do they have what it takes to tackle the Enigma Challenges themselves?

Teams will need excellent time management and communication skills, along with creative thinking and the participation of every team member to top the points table and succeed in the Enigma Challenge!Credits: Enigma Challenge

Well, the essence is explained. The moment you start, the time pressure will drag you as a team into it. You will need to deal with facets of time management and you better communicate the right way, otherwise you endanger the whole project of the team. Make sure to be creative and act as a team member in stead of an island within the group. That is the only way to success!.

But for the most original teambuilding amsterdam workshop I refer you to our “Build a giant kite together” workshop.  Klik the link for teambuilding activiteiten.

teambuilding activiteiten